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Aquafresh RO Customer Care Service Center, Toll Free Number For RO Repair, Installation and AMC in India

Aquafresh Service Center

Water is the most important resource for sustaining life on earth. More specifically, pure and safe drinking water is the basis of all lives. With todays environmental safely levels falling below standards, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure safe drinking water for people. The situation is such that the impurities in water have themselves become so resistant to any safety measures taken by us. Primitive methods of boiling and filtering water are no longer sufficient to eliminate germs and impurities. As such, we need to rely on technology for this purpose. At Aquafresh, we provide you with the best of technology at the most affordable prices so that you may get pure drinking water which is safe for your family. To know more about our water purifiers and how they work to protect you, call us at Aquafresh RO customer care number.

Our water purifiers use the latest RO, UV and TDS controller technologies to eliminate germs and impurities of all sorts. Our water purifiers are also equipped with sensors which do not allow the water to reach you if any fault is detected by the mechanism. At Aquafresh customer care, we understand the needs of our customers and hence we aim to provide the best of services for you. We understand the need for regular maintenance and repair services for your purifier. Water purifiers being items of daily usage cannot be neglected even for some time. Therefore we provide dedicated and experienced personnel for your water purifiers. You may call at your nearest Aquafresh Customer care number and ask for any services you may need from time to time. Aquafresh servicemen are absolutely dependable and have expertise in their respective fields. They provide absolutely cost-effective solutions for your purifier troubles. We would advise all our customers to avail services from genuine Aquafresh outlets only.

Aquafresh is the well known water purifier brand of india. Auqafresh serving in india since 35 years , though there are many competitors in Indian market but Aquafresh won heart of many people by providing up to mark customer care service thus Aquafresh have large customer base in India although it have best Aquafresh customer care support system to compete in Indian market as well as in other nation.In India unless a company have best customer problem solution responsive team it could hardly survive in field but from urban to rural area Aquafresh through auqaguard customer care cover possibly all remote village areas very efficiently.

Aquafresh have huge number of service center situated in different part of india you can directly call at your doore step on Aquafresh customer number you can call 24/7 and 365 days to provide uninterrupted service to the RO water purifier users they Aquafresh RO customer care is very responsive in manner to support customer. The system of RO purifier need to be repaired by expert only for optimum future concern. No other company will entertain problems and no other company have this much wide network of water purifiers customer care i.e. Aquafresh RO have huge base of customers.

Domestic RO

It converts impure water to sweet pure drinking water storage tank made of Poly Carbonate material and makes water taste better.

Commercial RO

The Commercial RO Systems cleans the water of contaminants and removes non essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc., present in the water.

Industrial RO

industrial RO water purifier has purification capacity of 100 to 1000 litre per hour. It has a better innovative technology & schematic flow diagram.


Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible.

Aquafresh Customer Care in PAN India

We at Aquafresh RO Customer Care, have years of experience and expertise in the field of RO water purifiers and its different system. We have the team of the most expertise engineers and professionals who have the solution to any issues regarding Ro water purifiers in the back of their hands. Along with the same, we also provide different AMC plans, so that customer can get the option to choose from different ranges of services. You can also contact with the aqua care water purifier customer care for any kind of further details and information.

Aquafresh RO is one of the names that provide full customer satisfaction, expanding its technology and excelled in providing water purification. With the trust of millions of families and over 35 years of experience, Aquafresh brings to you Customer care services through our toll free helpline number. Aquafresh RO Customer Care has a team of professional qualified on almost Aquafresh RO purifiers. They are providing Aquafresh RO repair services to all type of Aquafresh RO at a reasonable price. The expert engineers at the Aquafresh RO Customer Care Service Center ensures that the RO purifiers provide a continuous supply of safe and pure drinking water to you and your family for a better and safer health

  Aquafresh Customer Care

  aquafresh RO Tollfree Number

Aquafresh Ro Customer Care Number in PAN India

Aquafresh complaint number is available for your service for 24*7 by 365 days so that there is no delay in resolving your issue regarding your Ro water purifier. Ro water purifier has become an essential part of today’s life as it is completely unsafe to drink untreated water which causes several deadly diseases like jaundice, cholera, diarrhoea and others.

Aquafresh RO Customer Care is providing a turnkey solution to water related issues with the technology of Ro water purifiers. We have the team of expert engineers and professionals which provide all kind of service like installation, servicing, maintenance, replacement of parts and others related to your RO water purifier. We also offer a wide range of AMC plans, so that our valuable customer can choose from as per their need and budget. For more details you can contact with the Aquafresh customer care number, toll free number to get more details about the same

Aquafresh is one of the most trusted water purifier companies in India and since its inception, it has constantly provided the unparallel service in the field of water purifier with both excellent before and after sales service. That’s why the Aquafresh customer care toll free numbers is available for 24*7 by 365 days so that you can get uninterrupted services from the water purifiers.

Aquafresh RO water purifiers provide a complete natural solution for the treatment of the water, but being a machine, with the daily wear and tear, it also required regular servicing and maintenance along with replacement of different parts like the membrane, filters, electrical parts and others. Just give a call to the Aquafresh toll free number and get the best expertise solution regarding any kind of issue related to your Aquafresh Ro water purifier.

Water is one of the most important parts of the human life, but with the rapid urbanization and industrialization, our environment is the affected part of the side effect. Air is not breathable, soil is no more fertile and it is like drinking poison to consume untreated water. That is the reason why Ro water purifiers have become a mandate in today’s life and if you face any issue with your Ro purifier, for instant assistance contact the Aquafresh toll free no.

Aquafresh RO water purifiers with their double purifying capability are one of the leading purifiers. Aquafresh services have been the most trusted brand of water purifiers by most of the families. The Aquafresh RO toll free number, Aquafresh helpline number and Aquafresh complaint number are available on our website.

AMC Plan

Sr. No. AMC Price Service Filters Membrane Electrical Parts Faulty Parts
1 AMC Plan 1 999.00 Yes No No No No
2 AMC Plan 2 2450.00 Yes Yes No No No
3 AMC Plan 3 2500.00 Yes No No Yes No
4 AMC Plan 4 4000.00 Yes Yes Yes No No
5 AMC Plan 5 5000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
5 AMC Plan 6 6000.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plan 1: Purifier maintenance that includes basic servicing.
Plan 2: Inclusive of plan 1 and also includes the maintenance of filters.
Plan 3: Inclusive of plans 1 & 2 and maintenance of electrical parts.
Plan 4: Inclusive of plans 1, 2 & 3 and maintenance of the filter membrane.
Plan 5: Maintenance of services, filters, membranes, electrical parts.
Plan 6: Inclusive of all the services provided from plan1- plan 5 plus emphasis on maintenance of faulty parts.

Terms & Conditions

1. Three Periodical Services (On demand),
2. Any additional visit during AMC Period by intimation,
3. Contract Period:12 Months,
4. Payment in favor of RO Care India,
5. Price of AMC may be increase according to water purifier actual conditions and their uses,
6. We uses Genuine Spare Parts and equality to specifications.

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